17. John Woodhouse - Is the Holocaust happening now? (£300-500)

Acrylic on paper framed 47 x 58 (18 ½ x 23)

At the top of the picture How come? How come?

That people could hate so deeply Prince William.

Holocaust museum John Woodhouse.

This is based on for me the archetypal image of the Holocaust - a

group of Jewish children and women being arrested by the Nazis.

You know that everyone arrested will probably die. What possible

harm could the innocent boy do?

Prince William’s reaction to the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem

is very similar to mine. An anguished Why? Why so much hate?

Isn’t this hatred continuing? Do we not learn from history? In

Ruanda and Kosovo it happened again. I have deliberately been

ambiguous about who the soldiers are. The woman wears a

hijab but that could be taken for any Eastern headdress. What

can we do to combat this ongoing hatred? The only answer is

unconditional love.

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